Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wellness Health Care = Preventive Medicine

Wow, our office has been so busy staying up to date on the most prevalent advances in natural health and wellness that we haven’t been able to post a blog lately. Our apologies, but we promise this one was worth the wait!

As Americans, we’ve been exposed to a vast amount of news coverage pertaining to a national health care system, and the pros and cons of implementing such a system. Our current health care strategy relies too heavily on “after the fact” treatment and doesn’t provide enough emphasis on illness prevention. Any type of proposed future health care system needs to include provisions for preventive medicine and wellness techniques in order to be beneficial. President Obama has himself implied that lowering health care costs will require Americans to play an active role in the maintenance of their health by taking better care of themselves (eating right, losing weight, exercising, etc.) before the need for extensive health care arises. To put it simply-people who take care of themselves and follow PREVENTION protocols will have a lower medical cost burden! In order to reduce our country’s rising health care costs, we need to start emphasizing preventive care NOW!

The article below discusses how our office and treatment techniques are designed to offer effective, natural forms of preventive medicine. The article can be read in full on our website at

At Élan Vital Healthcare/Fort Lauderdale Spine & Injury Center, we believe that your wellness care is the #1 priority to achieving and maintaining optimal health. Prevent serious health problems before they start...if you don’t have good health you don’t have much!

Wellness care is being discussed as a strategy to reduce our countries rising medical care costs. Our current health care system relies too heavily on treatment “after the fact” and not enough on prevention. People who take care of themselves will have less medical cost burden and live better lives.

The wellness care provided by our office looks for the underlying causes of any dis-ease and helps to restore the body’s natural ability to heal, not by adding something to the body (medicine or surgery) but by removing the cause of the disruption in normal function. Dr. Matrale is educated and experienced in locating and correcting major causes of stress and spinal subluxations. "Subluxation" is the scientific term used to indicate the areas of the body that are out of harmony causing a breakdown in your internal communication which can lead to lowered resistance to disease, frequent headaches, pain, tension, inefficient body function, distorted posture and balance, etc., thereby leading to more medical problems.

Wellness care entails not only correcting subluxations, but counseling on lifestyle and nutritional adjustments to optimize your body’s healing and continue to be “pain free” and enjoy a vibrant life both emotionally and physically.